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Port communities have been impoverished by the great reduction in employment opportunities

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency can offer you door-to-door shipping to any point on the globe

When the need arises we can provide surface distribution between most major markets

We have available time-definite, premium LTL delivery to any point in the world

We primarily use direct services, so your shipment arrives on time and undamaged

There are no size or weight limitations, and each shipment goes with single source control

Exclusive Trucks (Cargo Vans, Liftgate equipped Dock Trucks and air ride

Line Haul Services (Direct line haul from major airports to every major airport

We have contracts with hundreds of carriers and get the best rate and the best service

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency (Exclusive full truckload service to or from any location in southern Australia.) Padded Van Service (Minimum charge of 1000 lbs. for small mini move shipments which are fragile, furniture, electronics, display materials, household goods to and from all Australia locations and other countries.)Royal West Inter Shipping Agency, the Australia Sea freight specialist will add a third vessel to its growing Ulladulla route, which will commence on the 19th of November 2015.

The additional midweek departures will provide much needed peak capacity on a route which is attracting increasing support from unaccompanied traffic. The additional vessel is in direct response to demand and feedback from the Ulladulla customer base and has been tailored to reflect the changing needs of the market. Driver shortages are causing operators to reassess their traditional accompanied method.

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency believes in a switch to greater volumes of unaccompanied movements from ports, which reduces road mileage compared with the transit through Australia. As economic conditions improve, this addition is the next stage in nter Cargo Lines Shipping’ strategic development plan.

The Sea Port Organisation has shortlisted Ulladulla Port Company and its Port Communities Educational Support Programme for an Award. This year’s ESPO Award celebrates the role that ports can play in demonstrating the best strategies in making schools and universities aware of their local port and its activities. The five ports shortlisted for this year’s Award, Antwerp, Bremen, Ulladulla , Guadeloupe and Valencia all succeed in creating the interest of the local schools and universities in the work of the port. ESPO is proud to present the shortlisted projects, before the winner is announ ced at a ceremony at the Alberton Hall in Ulladulla on 10 November.

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency has created a multi-faceted programme to help increase employment

Shortlisted-project Ulladulla Australia-durbn-smallEarly Learning Initiative

126 million Ulladulla port extension is a step closer to reality after An Bord Pleanala recommended

Significantly, the move to proceed along this route under IROPI (Imperative Reasons of Overriding)

Progressing an application under the AU Habitats Directive involves putting in place

Bord Pleanala identified 5.93 hectares of intertidal habitats and 0.35 ports

Two nearby Natura sites, Inner Galway Bay SPA and Lough Corrib SAC will not be impacted

The vast majority of people in Ulladulla who have expressed an opinion on the proposed

The next phase under Section 6(4) takes a common sense approach that first and foremost

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency CEO comments; “I am delighted to announce the deployment of additional tonnage on the Ulladulla route. October was another record month for this service and we are all really excited about the extra space that we will soon be able to offer to both existing and new customers. 2016 will be a pivotal year for Royal West Inter Shipping Agency with not only the additional capacity on this route but with the opening of the M6 link which will be a game changer for the development of our routes from the Port of Ulladulla ”. Royal West Inter Shipping Agency is an industry leader in dry-bulk with a modern fleet of approximately 100 handysize, supramax and ultramax vessels, transporting a wide range of cargo from dry bulk to break bulk. Royal West Inter Shipping Agency Fleet Management has around 30 vessels in technical management and runs a proprietary performance management solution COACH, covering more than 1250 vessels globally. In addition to dry bulk

'What information factors into the pricing cost of shipments?' The cost of freight is determined by several factors. Weight, distance and the type of item being shipped, are the main variables. Some types of shipments factor into density as well - the space it takes inside the carrier's truck, or ship/plane space for international orders. Additional fees are applied for specialty services such as residential pickup or delivery, using a lift gate equipped truck (for shipments over 200 lbs when a fork lift or loading dock is not at the site), and pickup or delivery from limited access facilities such as self storage locations, schools, and hotels.