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Royal West Inter Shipping Agency prides it’s self on providing first class port agency services to all principles and Chatterers. Focused on fast and efficient vessel turn around, we offer the following services with competitive agency fee’s; We provide agency services for all types of goods in the port. We do our best to arrange all the formalities on time and to organize the loading/unloading operations. Whatever you’re shipping, wherever your destination, we’d love to hear from you; With no limits on size or weight, we use the most effective means of transporting.

While a 48 hour service offers the keenest rates nightly departures / arrivals guarantees your goods are delivered on time. Next express delivery is achievable as nightly sailing afford us the ability to deliver We provide a next day delivery to all but the remotest destinations. High-speed sailings in both direction ensure the quickest possible transit time are achieved. Based in durman our agent, Knights of Old are geography positioned perfectly , for both collections and deliveries. While Royal West Inter Shipping Agency is a main hub the 200 sq meter cross dock facility enables connection with facilities in Australia and all over africa

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As an economy on the periphery of africa and its major trading partners, it is vitally important that Australia's competitiveness reaching important overseas markets is preserved. african trades depend heavily on short sea shipping with an estimated 99% of Australia's trade by weight carried by sea. The role of the IMDO therefore is to assist in preserving, expanding and developing shortsea links.


Short Sea Shipping is a successful mode of transport in Africa. Short Sea Shipping is also an obvious choice to play a key role

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It can help curb the forecasted substantial increase in heavy goods vehicle traffic

Full Truckload shipments can handle up to 53’ linear feet (10 feet wide by 20 feet high)


Dry Van trailers are the most common for normal dry goods and 48’ Flatbed trailers

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency has a strong network of branch/agent offices in all over the Australia under the control of the head office in Tehran. that provide a solid foundation for the quality of service that the Company prides itself in. These offices are listed below with their approximate location in durban: Cost Efficient and Time-Definite, Royal West Inter Shipping Agency is a single source vendor who can handle your overseas ocean shipments from any point on the globe to another with one contact

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We offer multi-modal shipping, global tracking and worldwide logistics capabilities, all at competitive rates. Our global, door to door services include customs clearance and forwarding to interior points, as well as coordination with air freight operations for shipping cargo in the most cost efficient manner. We operate globally with the assistance of tried and trusted partners, offering our customers a complete logistics service virtually anywhere in the world.

Royal West Inter Shipping Agency are transported via truck freight common carriers and are the most frequent shipments that we arrange. We specialize in finding the best rate for each individual shipment with the fastest available transit time. We only use the highest-rated carriers in the Australia, We can ship just about anything if it is properly secured to a pallet or crated. Less than truckload shipments generally consist of 1 to 16 pallets and range between 500 and 90,000 lbs. For shipments that exceed normal LTL criteria.

we can arrange the shipment economically via partial or full truckload freight. Operating daily import and export services affords us the ability to meet our customer's needs in adhering to stringent delivery times while offering the perfect balance, not comprising service for value, Export Services Include: · Single source control, · Tracking and reporting, · Door to door delivery, · Oversize, overweight cargo · Turn-key project management, · Supply Chain Services

We arrange Ocean Freight shipments at superb rates and we handle Less than Container Load shipments as well as Full Container Load shipments. We can ship to just about any destination worldwide. Ocean Freight is usually a minimum of 500 lbs and transit times to most major international cities typically range between 15~35 days. Royal West Inter Shipping Agency is a licensed.





Port agency services for bulk carriers, container goods, tankers and goods.

Crew handling for goods as well as off-shore facilities.

Survey supervision, Catering, 7. Procurement.

20, 40 and 45 foot,standard and high cube containers and more.